I will be out from 29th of July to 29th of August so, probably, I won't be able to reply any questions on forums, nor to send Pro versions until I come back. Thank you.

Configuring the module / FAQ

If you have a question, please, read this FAQ or submit it in our forums.


How can I insert the module as the main element of a page? (Installing EVO frontpage for the first time in 2 minutes):

(Issue #1 can be solved with this method too). Of course, as it is a module, you can place it on any position of your template (for example, inside a column, footer, banner...).

However, maybe you want EVO frontpage to be the main element of a certain page. This is the most usual way to use the module, so following the very easy and fast steps of the following 2 minutes video, you can do it:



Can I choose which image will be rendered?

If you have an article with various images, always the last one will be rendered (thumbnailed) in the Free version of the module. With PRO version, you can select to render the last image, or the first one.

However, you may want to render an image that isn't the first nor the last, or an image that isn't inside your article. To do this, you can apply a "trick":

Insert an invisible HTML code with the URL of the image you want to show as thumbnail: <!-- <img src="image_url_here" /> -->  This code can be inserted in any place, after all the images (or before all images, if you have configured the PRO module to render the first images).



How can I re-generate the thumbnails?

Maybe, you are changing the size of thumbnails but still see the old smaller or bigger one due to your browser cache. If this happens, go to your hosting files administrator and delete the images inside /images/evofp. Then, thumbnails will be re-generated.



It doesn't create thumbnails on localhost.

The module may doesn't work 100% on localhost because it usually searches for images in a real web hosting. It should create all the thumbnails when will be installed into a web hosting on internet.



It doesn't create thumbnails.

Be sure that images in your articles are placed in Introtext, before the Read more. (On PRO version, you can place the image in any part of the article: Introtext or Fulltext)

Maybe you don't want to show an image in Introtext in your articles, but you still want to generate thumbnails... due to behaviour changes in Joomla! 2.5 There are two solutions:

1- Support me donating a very little and get the PRO version.

2- Insert an invisible image before the Read more, with an invisible HTML code like this: <!-- <img src="image_url_here" /> -->



Where must be hosted the images which I put into my articles texts to be generated as thumbnails?

For best performance, images on your articles should be hosted into /images folder and subfolders.



Can I make a Menu with it?

Yes, if you want to make a Menu with this module, you can apply your Joomla knowledges or try following these alternative steps:

- Create a new category to host the articles of next step.
- Create an article (or many as menu items you want). The title of the article must be the title you want to show like menu item (For example: News). You can add an image into the article and/or text to be shown in menu item.
- Create new Menu and the items you want.
- Go to EVO frontpage Module admin page and set to show only the category created before.
- Now, when you clic on item menu, you are actually going to an article, so now, you only need to redirect from this article to the item menu you have created in step 2. You can do it through a redirection code or an extension. For example, for Joomla! 1.5, I have used the plugin SBD 301 Redirect.



Can I change font size, colors, etc?

Of course; you can modify all the module appearance by the common way; changing the CSS file, at /modules/mod_evo_frontpage/themes/[name of module's layout you are using]/assets/css folder. You can help yourself using addons for Firefox like Firebug. Make a copy of the CSS file before modifying it.



Which versions of the module are still supported?

The module will be supported (help on forums, updates, development, download availability...) only on its version compatible with the current officially supported Joomla version. (For example, if the Joomla 1.5 is not more supported and the current "live" version of Joomla is the 2.5, the EVO frontpage module available will be the 2.5 version and no more the 1.5).

However, old versions can be still availables for download from the Download section of this webpage.





Known issues:

#1 If you click on an article of EVO frontpage and then you see the article and still the module too, this is for you.

Since Joomla 2.5 has changed his behaviour, presents a "problem" with all modules and item menus configured to show articles. In this case, when you are using EVO frontpage set to be shown in a menu item of Joomla 2.5 which is configured to show articles (for example articles like a blog) and you click an article shown by EVO frontpage, you will be seen booth; the article and the module. (For ie: you are viewing your homepage, which only has my module, so you can see some articles into it, but you click one of them and now, you see the entire article plus still my module.)

To avoid this, you need to create a new hidden menu item for each category you have, following these steps (Or, easier, you can apply "A good piece of advice", described in this article):

1. Create a new menu (Menus -> Menu manager -> Add new menu), set a Title (like "Menu for categories") and any menu type (like catmenu).

2. Inside that menu, we need to create each Menu item (Menus -> Menu for categories -> Add new menu item) and select type (Category blog) and menu title (for ie: News). At right tabs, select one of your categories (like News). Do this with each category you have articles to be shown in EVO frontpage.

3. The end. Now, if you click on an article shown by EVO frontpage , you will be reading the entire content of the article without seeing my module. Note that the name set to the menu item will be part of the URL, like www.mysite/news/article1.


#2 If you have activated EVO frontpage in a certain page of your site and now other animated modules or addons don't work properly, try going to module parameters, go to Advanced Options, at right, and set Jquery option to NO. With this set up, you won't be able to use animated tabs on EVO frontpage module but you will avoid animated / scripts incompatibilities, if exists.



0 #57 Pacificador 2014-11-19 21:04
Quoting Isenstein:
I use Evo Pro but no thumbnails are generated. I've tried everything suggested without result. Please check menu item "Kongegaarden" and choose "EVO Pro". I will be very happy for your help.

Hello Isenstein,

Mmm I see. It's a little strange because it seems that the free version is working fine, it isn't?

Please, create an user (so I will convert it into a PRO user) and open a new thread on the forum; it will be easier. In addition, please, send me Administration credentials to my email so I will be able to find the problem better.

Best regards!
0 #56 Isenstein 2014-11-19 19:54
I use Evo Pro but no thumbnails are generated. I've tried everything suggested without result. Please check menu item "Kongegaarden" and choose "EVO Pro". I will be very happy for your help.
0 #55 Pacificador 2014-10-24 22:29
Quoting trisha:
How to show 30 article?It doesnt take more than 25

Hi trisha,

You can show as many as you want. Please, go to the forum and open a new thread telling the settings on your module: number os columns, rows, tabs...

0 #54 trisha 2014-10-24 21:58
How to show 30 article?It doesnt take more than 25
0 #53 Pacificador 2014-09-04 20:51
Quoting Betzy:
Hey is there a way to link the article to an external link rather than an internal link?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Betzy,

Please, for this kind of questions use the forum; open a new thread there and write it and, in addition, explain it a little more: ¿what do you want to say with external or internal link? Give me an example, please.

Best regards.
0 #52 Betzy 2014-09-04 20:25
Hey is there a way to link the article to an external link rather than an internal link?

Thanks in advance.
0 #51 maxegon2 2013-03-16 08:04
Is there anybody who knows how to set Evo Frontpage News so that it shows the thumbnail for first image instead the last image i,age of the article? There must be a way!
0 #50 Grace 2013-03-13 18:01
I have a problem with the thumbnails.
Unfortunately I cannot register to ask my question on the forum.
Could you please help me?
Best regards,
0 #49 Sylwester 2013-03-03 15:54
anyone know why evo frontpage display some image and some no
0 #48 Pacificador 2012-10-29 17:25
Hi Walter, you have 2 options:
Put the image you want the last or:
In introtext, put your image you want and hide (or not) the introtext. The rest of images out of introtext.

Please future questions of anybody in forums. Thanks!

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