New version 5.0 released!


I'm happy yo announce that a new updated version is available for download. This version and future versions will be called 5.x; this is a big update, maybe not enough to jump from the previous 2.9.3 to the 5.0, maybe this should be the v3.0, but for not being confusing with Joomla CMS versions (which current one is the 3.4.3), I have decided to adopt this number.


This new version includes several improvements and some new options, to achieve, if possible, a better performance and adaptability. So, the main changes are:

  • Improved some descriptions of the module options (Shown when you pass the pointer mouse over each option of the module).
  • Modified the description and page of module parameters. When you enter to edit the module, you see its options in the first screen.
  • Fixed Division by zero and Warning errors, which were shown when one of your article's images has been corrupted or disappeared from the server and doesn't exists anymore. Now, if this happens, EVO frontpage will not try to generate the thumbnail (from the disappeared image), and will leave that article without thumbnail. PRO version will do the same, or will show the default thumbnail, if it's enabled.
  • Improved CSS style when thumbnails are configured to be shown centered and before title. ".evofrontpagepro-default .title" is now divided into ".evofrontpagepro-default .title" and ".evofrontpagepro-default .head", so it's even more customizable.
  • Boosted thumbnail speed generation. Now, thumbnails can be generated much more faster. You will specially notice it if you have a lot of articles to be shown.
  • Now, the thumbnails generated from the default image (Only in PRO versions), are stored on /images/evopro, instead of /modules/mod_evo_frontpage_pro/images.
  • Added option "Ignore symmetry". As explained in the popup description of this option: "(Only useful with Static Layout) If you have configured the module to show, for example, 3 rows of articles in 2 columns (3x2=6) of 'News' category, but you only have 5 articles there, the module will display 2 rows and 2 columns (2x2=4), but the 5th article will be shown in the Other Articles list. When you reach 6 articles on the category selected, the 3rd row will be completed, so it will finally show 3x2. If Ignore symmetry is ON, the 5th article will be shown in the 3rd row, but that row will not be completed (because the 6th article is still missing)."
  • Added a new function, currently only in PRO version, which also detects the images of the articles inserted through the "Intro Image" and "Full Article Image" fields. So, the priority order in which EVO searches images to generate the thumbnails is: 1. Intro Image, 2. Full Article Image, 3. Image inserted inside the article's text.


Thank you for your feedback and ideas. Hope you enjoy it.

Best regards!