Update v2.8 of EVO frontpage

From now, you can enjoy the new EVO frontpage v2.8, which includes, for FREE and PRO versions:

  • New ordering option: Featured articles ordering, which allows you to order articles depending of the order you have configured in Articles Manager -> Featured articles -> Ordering column.
  • New ordering option: Author name, which allows you to order articles by alphabetical author names.
  • Updated Jquery files to v1.11.0.

It's a minor release, so if you are using v2.7 and you don't need none of this options, you can continue with v2.7.

If you are using v2.6 or before, it's highly recommended updating to v2.8, because from v2.7 you can check if exists a new version of EVO frontpage from your own Backend -> Extensions Maneger -> Update -> Purge Cache -> Find Updates.